Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Institute for Pastoral Theology

A little background on the program:

(For the full monty, go straight to the source: Institute for Pastoral Theology)

The program is a 3 year graduate program in Theology. The emphasis is on three "Foundations of Formation":

  • Theological Education

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Pastoral Orientation

The format is one weekend per month (5 months per semester), and classes meet from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. As there are several class sites in the country, the instructors are flown on-site for each class weekend. It is the responsibility of the student to pace their homework progress accordingly throughout each month. Procrastination is a temptation, but not an option!

From my past experience with the program and with the faculty, the underlying philosophy is self-consciously faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, immersing the students into the rich tradition of the faith, from the early Church Fathers through current popes. Shunning all political ideologies ("liberal" vs. "conservative") as well as relativistic philosophies, the program aims to allow the students to immerse themselves in the reality of God's revelation to mankind in Jesus Christ.


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