Monday, October 17, 2005

Paper update

Today is Monday, October 17. Friday (October 21) I leave for my next round of classes. Between now and Thursday evening, I have 13 pages' worth of papers to write, of which I've completed 2 so far. All for Professor Bushman. (See this post for an example of his expectations for our submissions.) Currently, I'm working on an assignment entitled:
Present a summary and synthesis of the Pope's (JPII) teaching by showing how human dignity, moral conscience, and redemption are related. Be sure to define human dignity, redemption and conscience and answer questions such as:

What is the foundation of human dignity?
How can human dignity be diminished?
How can it be restored?
How is dignity related to conscience?
How is conscience related to redemption?
What is the role of God's mercy and conscience in redemption and conversion?

Fortunately, I've taken a vacation day today, so I have all day to work on them.

Still, it's gonna take a miracle!!


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