Thursday, July 14, 2005

Now it's official...

I received a letter in the mail today that begins, "With this letter I am happy to congratulate you on your acceptance as a regular student..." so now there's no turning back. I'm definitely in!

Classes start July 29, so it's T-minus 15 days and counting...

First semester courses will be:
-Writings of John Paul II
-Documents of Vatican Council II
-Old Testament I
-Foundations of Catholic Spirituality

As time goes on, expect some posts relating to those topics, and how I am internalizing the concepts. I'm thinking, seeing as I'll be studying JPII, and seeing as he has reams upon reams of writings (pre-pope and while pope) it might be fun to post a "JPII Quote of the Day" for the duration of the semester.

Just to whet your appetite, here's one for starters, which seems timely now that his peaceful passing is still fresh on our minds:
When the moment of our definitive passage comes, grant that we may face it with serenity, without regret for what we shall leave behind. For in meeting You, after having sought You for so long, we shall find once more every authentic good which we have known hear on earth, in the company of all who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith and hope.


At 7/14/2005 10:25 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Congratulations Dan! This is going to be an great adventure. To borrow from Robert Bork: 'An intellectual and spiritual feast'. I am reading your blog every day and find it very enjoyable -- even a little adictive.

At 7/14/2005 10:28 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

Thanks, Steve!
You're officially my first fan. If we find another, maybe we could start a fan club?



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