Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Speaking of the media...

WCCO aired a story on last night's news about a Minnesota woman who will be "ordained" a Deacon this month, and next year a Priest.

I was happy to see they included some airtime from some erudite young adults from the Cathedral Young Adults group to provide a counter-response. However, they did a grave disservice to their listeners by not actually pointing out that this woman won't really be a Deacon - at least not in the Roman Catholic Church - despite whatever she thinks she will be. Just as I can't become a lawyer without the blessing of the Bar Association, she can't be a Catholic Deacon without the blessing of the Catholic Church - which includes the entire chain of command right up to the Pope.

I won't go on, as I just noticed that Veritatis Splendor has a good wrapup of the whole situation, if you desire further reading.


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