Thursday, September 08, 2005

Great Quote

I think the best quote from the entire most recent class weekend was this, from the mouth of Professor Bushman: If sin is just a scratch, then we could just put on a band-aid. But if sin is a mortal wound, then we need heart transplant surgery and God needs to be the donor.

We then had a good lecture which touched on different distinctions among kinds of sin and the nature of conversion. But the central point of this startling statement held: that conversion is ultimately the infusion of God's life within us.

The goal of conversion is holiness. Remember the definition of holiness? "The perfection of charity." And Who is the perfection of charity? God. And so when we become holy we manifest what? The perfection of love which comes from God.

So the more we progress in conversion, the more we radiate love from our innermost being. And the source of that love, just like the source of the heart transplant, is God.


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